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Simic Mica Capacitors are made from best quality Indian ruby muscovite mica, carefully selected for optimum electrical characteristics. This is extremely stable against heat and therefore, has excellent high temperature characteristics. Mica films are screen printed with special silver paste, using interleaving metal foils ( for contact) to form stacks. Then the terminals are clamped to the stacks. The terminals are made of copper clad steel wire (the copper coating has minimum 30% conductivity.) with tin coat finishing for good solderability. The clamped unit is then dipped under vacuum in epoxy and coated conformally with epoxy powder. The envelope thus formed gives high moisture and heat resistance to the unit. This design ensures high reliability and stability.

Careful selection of raw materials and constant monitoring of all equipments and fabrication processes provides an overall uniform level of quality consistent with the stringent requirements of most sophisticated electronic equipments.
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Thin coat (single dip) for high installation density
Crimped and cut leads
Crimped and cut leads with tape and reel package
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